The Early Clapper

I’ve found that every once in a while you run into people who have specific traits that are irksome.  These traits are not irksome to everyone (then they would be annoying) but usually relate to a specific pet-peeve or, unintentionally, create more work for whom is irked.   For example maybe you can’t … Continue reading

Best equipment purchases

In looking at the amount of equipment purchased to make sure that the Colorado Music Festival could be recorded at the best possible level I purchased a bunch of equipment; microphones, cables, stands, interfaces, cases, power supplies, hard drives and software.  There was a lot that was needed to make sure … Continue reading

CMF – The “microphone stand” issue

If you’ve worked with orchestras in any capacity there is a protocol.  There is a “way things are supposed to be,” an expectation that includes what people wear, how they are lit, what is permitted to be on stage, and of course how it sounds. I’ve found that interestingly this … Continue reading

CMF – First Concert Doors open in 14:40

Here comes the first concert.  Hopefully everything will continue smoothly.  Like any festival work there are many moving parts and last minute additions or things that were forgotten come up.  We have a narrator, Timothy Orr, thrown in on several selections tonight, so there are now a bunch of cues … Continue reading