Modern Production Examples

I was part of the playing, recording, editing, mixing, and over all production for each of the albums below.  They link to REB Records, where they are released.

TEE 1600 Groovalicious

Groov-a-licious Smart Hip Chick Dance Music is an album by TEE (Tina’s Electronic Ear,) a group consisting of Tina Lambert on vocals and the production team Black’s Backbone.  Written by Ryan Black and BB Mayes, with lyrics by BB Mayes, edited and mixed by Ryan Black.  Fun album of IDM (Intellectual Dance Music.)  Instrumental versions here.

TEE 1600 EuroAm

Euro-American Electrick Glowstick Dance Bunny is the second TEE (Tina’s Electronic Ear) release. Here Tina Lambert and the Black’s Backbone production team come together with soulful grooves and dense harmonies, pulling influences from dubstep, soul, r&b, dance and other genres.  Instrumental versions here.


The Graveyard Court is a conceptual album that follows the “Everyman” or “Common man” character through his realization and denial that his life is not “his” life at all. On this album you’ll find Ryan playing all sorts of instruments and vocals as the Skeleton character.  Fun rock concept album that it would be awesome to see done as a play.


Naz and the Cleft Way features Naz in an electronic Jazz/Blues album that documents the disintegration of a first marriage.  This album is one that Ryan wrote most of the music and played all instruments on.  An eclectic album with a light feel and a heavy story.