Example Recordings

Orchestral Recording Examples

Chamber Ensemble Recording Examples

Modern Production and Recording Examples

These links lead to recording examples that that I’ve made over the last ten years.  They represent extensive experience (and experimentation) with stereo microphone techniques, as well as close microphone techniques, and multi-microphone set ups that combine stereo and close microphone set ups.

I mixed all of the examples, in many different environments and monitor systems.  From headphones through vintage JBL 4410 (re-coned,) Yamaha HS8, Adams, DynAudio and KRK VXT6, and from small closet rooms off stage to a full multi-million dollar studio.  I love learning new systems and rooms and try to figure out how to produce the best mix possible on many systems.

I am also a co-writer on many of the modern production examples, and you can find me singing, playing trumpet, bass, drum set, percussion, piano, guitar, trombone, baritone, recorder, among other instruments.  Coming from a jazz and classical background has given me a pretty good understanding of music theory and composition, which I try and incorporate into these modern examples.  Enough talk, take a listen.