Recording IPO

Today I’m recording the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra.  They perform at Lincoln-Way North Performing Arts Center, in Frankfort, IL.  This concert is a smaller orchestra and they’ve set them up very closely tightly on stage.  Since I was not able to get all set up before the dress rehearsal, I’ll be very delicately weaving my snake and cables through the chairs and cases and water.  It is always better to get there early.


Reasons it’s better to get the early:

One can get pre-amp levels set up correctly, and not have to guess based on last concerts notes.

One has time and space to set up stands and cables so that they’re out of the way and cleanly laid.

One can make adjustments during the dress rehearsal to microphones to get the ideal balance.

If something goes wrong there is time to fix it after the dress and before the concert.

One can actually go grab some dinner.

There is time to talk to members of the ensemble, meet, and network.


Well, the dress is almost done.  Off to go get all these cables laid down.

– Ryan