The song writing process

Yesterday was a ten hour mixing day, but it was also an opportunity to spend some time working with the new Logic Pro X instruments.  It’s been some serious work moving to Logic Pro X from 9 and 8, and it is always frustrating when a company doesn’t make their software backwards compatible as you lose things that will never come back, oh, and upgrading is usually some what costly.

With Logic Pro X (review) there are some new tools that really are interesting.  Drummer is quite a powerful tool that has a sonic quality above many other stock plugins that try to emulate acoustic or live drums.  Drummer also brings some very intuitive sliders, knobs, buttons and an XY pad that allow for quite a variety of different patterns and feels.


The Logic Drummer Control panel.

In addition there are several different drummers to choose from with cool names like “Nikkie” and “Zak” and “Logan”… each written in a scripty graffiti-like font and each of whom introduces a different set of algorithms and sounds into the Drummer plugin.

Some of the cool drummers one can choose from

Some of the cool drummers one can choose from

Playing around in between mixing sessions here are a couple tracks that I’ve started working on.  Each uses one Drummer, running through some processing.


      Slow Chill V1 - Black's Backbone


      TrackThisV1 - Black's Backbone