Editing Classical Brass Ensemble – Setting up the fill

Here is a walk through a couple edits for Winter Wonderland on the Prairie Brass Band upcoming Christmas album which I am producing and recording.  The takes that went into this particular track are pretty extensive, and there are a lot of little tricks with cross fade and timing used to make them all flow together.  It’s half arranging, half editing.

So the final track uses the following takes:

T11: start – bar 3
T5: first note of bar 3
T1: bar 3 (after first note) – bar 6
T11: bar 6 – A
T12: A – 4 b4 B
T11: 4 b4 B – D
T5: D – 16 after D
T11: 16 after D – 2 b4 E
T5: 2 b4 E – pickups to E (fill)
T7: E – F
T5: F – 8 b4 G
T7: 8 b4 G – 2 after G
T10: 2 after G – 2nd to last note
T12: last note.

It’s not exactly what I explain in the video, but these are the final notes on my “Edit Take List.”

The next step after approval from the director is to go into mixing, which involves delay timing of microphones, EQ, levels, panning, reverb, special effects, automation, and fades.  Then Exporting for another set of approvals, then mastering.