Concert tonight – Assisting with Igudesman & Joo

Today was a little different in that the hilarious and talented duo of Alek­sey Igudes­man and Hyung-ki Joo has their own engineer, and is only two people.  So I spent most of the day being an assistant.  This actually was really cool.  After doing four to six shows a week watching someone else work, and figure out the PA system and room was educational and in someways relaxing.

For this performance we have all DPA microphones and are using Shure wireless transmitters and receivers.  Each wears a headband DPA 4066 microphone for speaking, then the piano has two small DPA 4099P with magnetic clips.  basically invisible.  Interestingly Aleksey’s microphone serves dual purpose being used for both speaking and the violin, thus it is actually run to two seperate channels and Brian (the engineer) switches between the two – that means he really knows the show!

Very fun performance and great group.  Check them out below!

As long as everything goes smoothly, it is going to be a very enjoyable night!