CMF – Firebird Suite and Bartok Bluebeard’s Castle

Tonight is going to be a fun concert; and we get to do it twice – again tomorrow night!  The first half is Stravinsky’s Suite from The Firebird and the Second half is this one-act opera called Bluebeard’s Castle.

If you’re a classical music fan you’re probably familiar with Firebird.  It’s a classic crowd pleaser and will be very fun.  Got to watch levels though because the orchestra will probably hit close to 100 dB towards the end with the huge hits and bass drum Donkey Kong style smash hits.

The second half is intense.  If you have never heard of Bluebeard’s Castle (which was the case for me, I admit) go find a translation of it.  The story is Crrrreeaaapy.  Seriously awesome.  Like a Grimm’s fairytale extended to an hour ten and sung in a powerful way by Krisztina Szabó and Samuel Ramey!

We are using Beyerdynamic Opus 54.18 headworn microphones for the two singers.  Which took some getting used to, but ultimately will work well.  Took a minute for two unbelievable opera singers to accept, but the orchestra is not in a pit and we are in Chautauqua after all – beautiful, but not an opera house.  I’m not pushing them much, just a little here and there when the orchestra really digs in.


Anyway ten minutes till go.  Here’s the input list.


Position Microphone Sub Snake Front Sub Snake Mid CCA Main Snake Profire 1 Inputs Profire 2 Inputs ASP880 Inputs AVID Profile Inputs AVID Profile Channels AVID Profile Outputs Monitors ASP880 Direct to Outputs
Samuel Beyerdynamic Opus 1 1 1 Main Outs 1
Krisztina Beyerdynamic Opus 2 2 2 Main Outs 2
Narrator Chris Wrls Shure 3 3 3 Main Outs 3
Podium Wrls Shure 4 4 4 Main Outs 4
Org/Celeste Passive DBX DI 5 5 5 5 Main Outs Send 11, out 5 on Ch. 49 to monitor 1 5
Org/Celeste Passive DBX DI 6 6 6 6 Main Outs 6
FL KM184 7 7 7 7 7 Main Outs 7
FR KM184 10 8 8 8 8 Main Outs 8
FL omni 44 omni 8 9 1 Main Outs
FR omni 44 omni 9 10 2 FOH 5
ML KSM32 1 11 3
MR KSM32 2 12 4