CMF – first day of rehearsals! 6/25/15

Up at 6:00 to get set up for the first rehearsal of the season.  This first rehearsal had Brahms Academic Festival Overture, a piece for solo bass and orchestra, and then Peter and the Wolf.

Ten microphones on stage, with one running through the PA before being recorded.

Today was all about “just figuring it out.”  The phrase “fail fast and fail often” comes to mind.  I rewired the back of a VENUE Profile console and really had to get into the inputs and outputs.  Generally if you know Pro Tools you can figure out the AVID consoles.  Some things are great about it, the layout, the use of plug-ins and the Waves suite of plug-ins, the layout of the screen.  There are also some issues: the feel of the knobs, the ability to really view the order of plug-ins on a channel, the fans that cool the “brain” are very loud, There really should be arrow keys and quick ways to navigate the menus without a mouse (I need to look into this more.)

After the rehearsal I brought the session back to the mixing studio and made sure that all of my transfers worked.  Everything going well.  Built some templates and stuff and made sure that my imports will work.  Can see some of this in the pic below.

Session set up for CMF

A funny way to end the day before I bike on back into Boulder is the image below.  It shows the tracking for some sand-bags I ordered a couple days ago.  Started in NY, went all the way to Jamaica, and is now back in Illinois… I need it here in Colorado!

Tracking sand-bags

Got to get some food and some sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is game time!