The song writing process

Yesterday was a ten hour mixing day, but it was also an opportunity to spend some time working with the new Logic Pro X instruments.  It’s been some serious work moving to Logic Pro X from 9 and 8, and it is always frustrating when a company doesn’t make their … Continue reading

Editing Classical Brass Ensemble – Setting up the fill

Here is a walk through a couple edits for Winter Wonderland on the Prairie Brass Band upcoming Christmas album which I am producing and recording.  The takes that went into this particular track are pretty extensive, and there are a lot of little tricks with cross fade and timing used to … Continue reading

Editing pop vocals

Working on some vocal editing for new releases on REB Records.  This week has been crazy with over 50 hours of production work between Monday and Thursday!  It has been very fun.  This song, “Girl Boy Panic” is one that has gone through numerous transitions and four or five singers. … Continue reading

Concert tonight – Assisting with Igudesman & Joo

Today was a little different in that the hilarious and talented duo of Alek­sey Igudes­man and Hyung-ki Joo has their own engineer, and is only two people.  So I spent most of the day being an assistant.  This actually was really cool.  After doing four to six shows a week watching … Continue reading