CMF – More Production

As the concerts mount, and the post-production stuff builds I thought I’d take a minute and show the production spread sheet that I’ve been using to keep on track.  It is pretty simple, but allows me to see exactly where I am in the process as I move from recording (step … Continue reading

CMF – Mash-Up 1 is coming tonight!

I was in the venue by 6:10 this morning.  Set up monitors, set up microphone stands, set up microphones, laid all the wires, fired up FOH with about five minutes till rehearsal at 10:00.  Then on to sound check monitor mixes and getting the multi-track recording session set up, with … Continue reading

CMF – Getting into production zone

If you’ve ever worked the festival season as a tech of any kind you’ll know that it is insane deadlines and expectations followed by hanging out and chillin’ waiting for the next “crisis.”  Then “tear down in 47 minutes!  Go, Go, Go!!!  Then just sit while the drummer tunes his … Continue reading

CMF – First Concert Doors open in 14:40

Here comes the first concert.  Hopefully everything will continue smoothly.  Like any festival work there are many moving parts and last minute additions or things that were forgotten come up.  We have a narrator, Timothy Orr, thrown in on several selections tonight, so there are now a bunch of cues … Continue reading