CMF – Firebird Suite and Bartok Bluebeard’s Castle

Tonight is going to be a fun concert; and we get to do it twice – again tomorrow night!  The first half is Stravinsky’s Suite from The Firebird and the Second half is this one-act opera called Bluebeard’s Castle. If you’re a classical music fan you’re probably familiar with Firebird. … Continue reading

CMF – The “microphone stand” issue

If you’ve worked with orchestras in any capacity there is a protocol.  There is a “way things are supposed to be,” an expectation that includes what people wear, how they are lit, what is permitted to be on stage, and of course how it sounds. I’ve found that interestingly this … Continue reading

CMF – First Chamber Recital July 12, 2015

Setting up for the first Chamber Recital today.  Program includes Schubert/Webern “Six German Dances,” Mozart “Violin Concerto No. 4 in D Major” with Soloist Alexandra Soumm, and on the second half Beethoven “Symphony No. 2.” Coming in this morning at 6:20 I gave myself time to go through and do … Continue reading

CMF – More Production

As the concerts mount, and the post-production stuff builds I thought I’d take a minute and show the production spread sheet that I’ve been using to keep on track.  It is pretty simple, but allows me to see exactly where I am in the process as I move from recording (step … Continue reading