Basic Studio Design layout

This is a design for a studio that Sully and I are building for REB Records in 2014.  It’s just a layout; doors, windows, assets, and textures will be added in the next week or so. There are still some basic issues with the walls that need to be worked … Continue reading

SketchUp Basic Studio Animation

REB Records is looking at properties and the possibility of building a studio.  This is a design that was more for the practice of using Google SketchUp then for the actual design of the space.  The walls are 4″ thick and the total floor area is 30′ x 40′ so … Continue reading

The Subconscious Eating Experience – How Sound will make customers return

Recently I joined friends at a very nice restaurant in Chicago.  It is one of these restaurants where every part of the meal is separate; the “stapes” (fancy name for appetizers?,) the salad, the main course, etc. and the main courses run $20 – $40 a plate.  So not ridiculous, … Continue reading

Reverb Types Explained: Part 1.

Often mixing engineers add artificial reverb to recorded sounds, either individually (like on a snare or vocalist) or to groups of tracks (using a bus and sends.)  There are five primary ways that reverb is added. 1. Just as a part of the space – live recording This is the … Continue reading