CMF – Calculating Delay times

Today we are recording Terrence Wilson.  Amazing pianist.  The piece is Michael Daugherty’s Deus ex Machina.  I was lucky enough to record this once before with Terrence and the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra.  It requires some amplification to really work well, and luckily Michael Daugherty is understanding. Thought today I would … Continue reading

CMF – Why you should always have a backup 6/28/15

Computer has walked away: Pretty much that sums it up.  Yesterday I was shutting down my laptop, then put it in its sleeve, then into another bag, then I went up on stage to take down all the microphones.  After this I moved all the microphones and the bag with … Continue reading

CMF – Set up and Goals for 6/23/15

CMF – Set up and Goals for 6/23/15

Tomorrow is the start of rehearsals: Colorado is beautiful, today the tech team is off while the Chautauqua Auditorium is being used for a performance not part of the Colorado Music Festival.  This means that I’ve got time to sort of role through a bunch of “to-do list” items.  The studio … Continue reading