CMF – Getting into production zone

If you’ve ever worked the festival season as a tech of any kind you’ll know that it is insane deadlines and expectations followed by hanging out and chillin’ waiting for the next “crisis.”  Then “tear down in 47 minutes!  Go, Go, Go!!!  Then just sit while the drummer tunes his … Continue reading

CMF – Why you should always have a backup 6/28/15

Computer has walked away: Pretty much that sums it up.  Yesterday I was shutting down my laptop, then put it in its sleeve, then into another bag, then I went up on stage to take down all the microphones.  After this I moved all the microphones and the bag with … Continue reading

CMF – first day of rehearsals! 6/25/15

Up at 6:00 to get set up for the first rehearsal of the season.  This first rehearsal had Brahms Academic Festival Overture, a piece for solo bass and orchestra, and then Peter and the Wolf. Ten microphones on stage, with one running through the PA before being recorded. Today was … Continue reading

Black Friday Marketing and the Creative Process

Black Friday is nuts.  Whether you line up on Thanksgiving with coupons, Red Bull and tasters, or you spend the time with family watching football and playing music, a holiday centered around consumerism is a little crazy.  It is also brilliant in concept.  Like herding sheep, we have a captive … Continue reading